Dividing plants
August 26, 2006 07:37 PM

Another job on my list before I move: giving away all of my plants. The moving company won't take them, and I can't bear to just let them die. But in order to give away my largest potted plant - a Japanese Bloodgrass - I had to divide it into more manageable portions. Lo and behold - what had started as one $10 plant ended up filling five new pots! So I wrote an article about dividing plants, because its such a great way to get plants for free!

Get plants for free by dividing your existing ones

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Shoestring Un-Decorator
August 20, 2006 04:09 PM

After having my last day at the office Friday, I am now deep in the throes of packing up my house. Our move to Providence isn't for another two weeks, but we have to be ready early in time to fly to Dallas to be in a wedding. Its strange to be dismantling everything I've built up for the last two years!

I whipped up a set of moving labels yesterday to help me keep the process organized. The last time around, I sat at the front door while the movers unloaded the truck, and tried to tell them where each box went as it came in the front door. Needless to say, we had a rather large pile of boxes in the living room because I kept saying, "Uhhhhh.." as they came by.

I made a Custom Moving Labels project page, where you can download the PDF file to make your own labels!

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Frugal Ideas: Rental decorating on a budget
August 15, 2006 04:46 PM

Every bit of decorating I do has to go through a certain filter - will it work in a rental? One day I'll own my own home and be able to go hog wild with architectural improvements, but for now I'm limited to cosmetic - and reversible - alterations.

Over at The Bargain Queen there is a great list of ideas for sprucing up your rental, like:

Add plants. If The Bargain Queen had decorating rules, #1 would be ‘all homes look better with plants’. She’s already written about cutting the cost of gardening, and most of these tips are equally applicable to finding and caring for indoor plants.

Read more of Rental decorating on a budget..

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Workspace faves
August 12, 2006 10:17 AM

from dolliedaydream

from AccidentalJulie

from the awe-inspiring Allsorts

I am in the middle of planning out my new workspaces once I move to Providence. Luckily Adam has chosen the dining nook as his computer lair, which means I get the guest room all to my crafty self!

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